Luck of a Foghorn

Luck of a Foghorn: The Making of Bruce Bickford’s Prometheus’ Garden (Dir. Brett Ingram, 2008, 28 minutes)

 Luck of a Foghorn is a documentary featurette about the late Seattle underground animator Bruce Bickford (1947-2019), former collaborator of musician Frank Zappa and creator of Prometheus’ Garden, one of the most original stop-motion films in animation history. Interweaving Bickford’s pulsing, violent, magical, and mesmerizing clay animation with atmospheric 16mm and Super 8mm cinematography, home movies, and sparse interviews, Luck of a Foghorn takes viewers behind the scenes and deep into the garden of Prometheus.

Featuring an original score by Laird Dixon, Luck of a Foghorn is included as a companion piece on the Prometheus’ Garden DVD, produced and released by Brett Ingram's Bright Eye Pictures label.