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Original score composed and performed by Shark Quest.

Monster Road features a powerful instrumental score by Merge Records recording artists Shark Quest, whose music has been described as "an ingenious blend of art-bluegrass and lolling post-modernism" (Portland Mercury) and "Instrumental indie rock with a cinematic, desert-sweeping grandeur" (All Music Guide).


Many of the ideas heard in Shark Quest's score were developed in the summer and fall of 2002 during their work on a score written for live musical accompaniment of a Bruce Bickford animation screening.


Held on the campus of North Carolina State University, the event was billed as "Monster Quest" and consisted of an hour of unreleased clay and line animations by Bickford with live accompaniment by the five-piece band. The magical evening was capped by a personal appearance and Q&A session with Bickford himself, after which he and the musicians launched into a collective blues-rap improvisation about the mythical Monster Road.


Following “Monster Quest,” the members of Shark Quest were thrilled to be asked to provide the score for Ingram's documentary. The score was recorded at guitarist Chuck Johnson's Cirrus Oxide studio during the summer of 2003. Ingram had requested pieces from the "Monster Quest" performance to accompany certain scenes, so for those sections the band re-arranged the material to fit the durations of the scenes. For other parts of the film Shark Quest composed new material and used instruments not typically heard on their recordings, such as piano, Indian instruments, exotic percussion, and analog synthesizers.


Shark Quest's most recent CD, Gods and Devils, features music inspired by and created for Ingram’s Monster Road. The band is currently working on the score for Ingram’s Rocaterrania, a new feature documentary about scientific illustrator and visionary artist Renaldo Kuhler.


Shark Quest are: Sara Bell, Laird Dixon, Chris Eubank, Chuck Johnson and Groves Willer.



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