Filmmaker Brett Ingram shot miles of 16mm film while making the feature-length documentary Monster Road, but most of this footage ended up on the cutting room floor. He interviewed Bickford on dozens of occasions, but most of these stories were shelved. Luck of a Foghorn unearths some of these images and stories on another journey into the world of a fascinating artist.


In the lush green, rain-soaked environs of his home overlooking a valley near Seattle, the sixty-one-year-old animator climbs trees and searches for inspiration among the misty ferns and starry skies. With an inspiring view of farmlands surrounding the meandering Green River, Bickford’s kingdom is serene, but for the near constant rumble of jets at nearby Seatac Airport.


How does one reconcile this slight, gentle soul with the vibrant pulsing universe and violent imagery of his wildly unique animation? For Bickford, animation is concentrated energy and he saves it all for the screen. In Luck of a Foghorn, animation, home movies, and documentary cinematography unfold with a dreamlike symphonic score by Laird Dixon, taking viewers behind the scenes of the making of Bickford’s animated masterpiece, Prometheus’ Garden.









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